15 April 2008

Company Showcase : Makrocare

Note : We have neither received any payment nor made interview of MakroCare team or personally visited MakroCare corporate/research facilities during this write-up. please consider as general information.

For starters MakroTech is a technology and IT services consulting company with more than a decade of experience and has offices in NY, IL and PA states. Now we don't exactly know how MakroCare and MakroTech are related, but it looks like MakroTech has spun-off its extensive knowledge in working with pharma clients (their client list is impressive) into MakroCare.

The reason MakroCare attracted our attention is the recent press releases on completion of Oracle Clinical implementation, the PR reach was amazing. The headline was the certification by ISO 9001 (for quality management systems) and ISO 27001 (for information security). We believe this effort to seek international standards will be a significant advantage for MakroCare. Read more here

They recently (April 5th 2008) did a workshop on GCP, keep an eye on their website if they have any more subsequent workshops happening. details here

The website at http://www.makrocare.com unfortunately only had information, we did not find much science and technology floating around. Would be good to have some of their technical strengths highlighted, especially when the website has so much space left empty.

I hope to meet them at Boston when they have their exhibit booth as a part of DIA 2008 conference in June, its great to talk to guys who know how to provide best-in-the-class clinical trials services.

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