24 April 2008

Company Showcase : Asian Clinical Trials (ACT)

Note : We have neither received any payment nor made interview of ACT team or personally visited ACT corporate/research facilities during this write-up. please consider as general information.

ACT is the CRO wing of Suven Life Sciences Limited and has to its credit a long track record and impressive IT framework to support Clinical Trial Services. One the distinctive features of ACT is that they have installed (or implemented) Oracle Clinical way back in 2004. The implementation was supported by InfoSys (Read InfoSys news story and ACT's news story).

One impressive strength of ACT is the global presence and the process and resource capabilities to support global clinical data management demands. From documents available on their website they are using a hybrid approach to support data management for paper-based CRFs. The total research team size is around 580 and they seem to have a key domain knowledge in Clinical research and data management.

There was an occasional reference to RAVE, potentially they have the capability to support different client needs related to software. The company website at http://www.act-india.com is not looking "cool" might be a good time to consider a face lift when they are doing a good job.

If you are looking for a job within ACT you can try the available positions : http://www.act-india.com/jobposting.htm


  1. Heyyy...

    Which could be the best choice in RAVE And Oracle Clinical?

    Which would do best for a start up CRO?Please suggest,we are about to book a software in CDM?


  2. We are not qualified to give the best answer, to our best knowledge you could base you decision on this lines:

    1. Cost : Oracle Clinical (OC) has an overhead in terms of installation and qualification of the environment. A NJ based CRO projected this overhead to be more than 100% above the license cost.

    2. Client base : OC has a larger market share in US, RAVE has stronger presence (along with ClinTrial) in Europe.

    3. Ease of use : RAVE is web-based and we did find it easier to use and the validation (or edit checks) were intuitive.

    4. Training : OC sub-system model is difficult to handle in a real world. So you will spend some effort in just getting trained. Note that Oracle DBA and OC Admin are different roles, so you will have to find a OC Admin resource separately. Medidata has a training package integrated into RAVE which makes the delivery of training easy and effective.

    5. Package : Oracle has bundled all the software that you need into a single bundle in relation to clinical trials data management such as thesaurus, adverse event management system, CRM etc., RAVE also has these modules - but they are well integrated compared to Oracle - you should consider that Oracle has bundled some off-the-shelf software into their package.

    If you got cash : Start with OC, spend 3-4 months implementing, if needed move to RAVE

    If you got small budget : See what is needed to get your next CDM project in terms of software, go with it,