13 March 2008

Certified Clinical Data Manager (CCDM) Certification

If you are keen on a career in CDM you should seriously consider CCDM certification exam. You will find the details on the exam at this link SCDM website

However this exam is not an easy one, we will do a series of post discussing how to get certified and what you need to learn for this exam.

The very basic knowledge you need is how clinical process work, mainly the phases in clinical research and what happens in each phase of drug development. The key aspect is that you should understand how data is collected and what data is important and the relevance of quality of the data you deal with.

Also you should be familiar with regulatory and other guidelines such as GCP, ICH guidelines. For example knowledge of 21 CFR Part 11 is critical.

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  1. Dear Sir/Madem,

    Basically am a life science graduate working as a clinical coordintor at an corporate hospital on a trial.

    Please suggest me how to plan my carrer as a clinical data manager?

    Please post all basic certifcatons for entry level in clinical domain.
    And best certifications as so?